Can’t leave ’em alone lyrics by The Temptations.

“I can’t leave ’em alone, I’m so in love with you” are the opening words of this song. This is a catchy tune that will have you singing along in no time!

In the song, a man is telling his friend how he can’t leave his relationship with this woman because she’s so in love with her.

He says that, “I go through hell to keep you happy.”

The lyrics also mention two other people who are unhappy about their relationships: one person has been committing adultery and the other has had an affair. It seems like they’re all doomed!

This song just came out last month but I’m sure it will be loved by many listeners for a long time coming. The Temptations’ Can’t Leave ’em Alone Lyrics – “I can’t leave ’em alone, I’m so in love with you,” are opening words of this catchy tune that’ll have


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