Maze Guy has been playing Geometry Dash for months. He’s mastered every level and he thinks that he is the best player in the world, even better than his friend who introduced him to this game over a year ago. So when Maze Guy gets word of a new update coming out soon with an all-new level called “Can’t Let Go,” he knows for sure that it’s going to be easy-peasy and impossible to beat. But then Maze Guy plays Can’t Let Go.

pi, board, blackboard @ Pixabay

The new level is not easy-peasy at all. It starts off with a slow and steady rhythm, but as the player progresses through the course it gets faster and more difficult to handle. Maze Guy feels like he’s been playing for hours by now; his fingers are cramping up from trying so hard to jump over those blocks when they get close together or shoot right underneath them without falling down into oblivion.

All of sudden, though, something changes.. The music switches to a slower beat that lets our hero take in what he has just accomplished before making his way back out of this crazy place called Can’t Let Go. He takes one last look around him: Maybe I’m not better than my friend after all?


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