There are many reasons why a fire can go out. Maybe the wood is wet, or there was not enough air for it to breathe.

But in this post, we will focus on one that too many people ignore: no fuel left in the fire! It sounds weird, but let me explain what I mean with an example. Imagine that you have a fireplace and you want to start a fire.

You put some logs into the fireplace and then light them up – but then your spouse comes home from work and starts complaining about how they were trying to watch their favorite TV show when all of sudden the house goes dark because you shut off the power switch for your living room so you could run downstairs and get more logs for the fireplace.

Now the fire is out because there was no fuel left in it!

This situation happens all too often, and people get frustrated for not being able to figure out why their dreams have gone up in smoke. But here are three reasons that might explain what went wrong: -you did not take into account how much time you would need before starting your next project;

-a lack of resources or skills needed to complete a task; -or an unforeseen force which came from outside of your control (e.g., something happening at work). In this case, the spouse coming home may be considered “outside forces” since they were not part of your plan when planning for dinner tonight, and so on


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