Many of us experience boredom at some point in our lives.

Sometimes it’s for a few seconds and sometimes it lasts a long time, but either way, boredom can be very unpleasant. This article will share how to deal with your boredom so you don’t have to “keep me away.

” We’ll discuss various ways that you can get rid of the feeling and find things to do that are both entertaining and healthy. Your Brain on Boredom: The feeling of boredom is the result of a couple factors.

It can be triggered by an unfulfilled need, such as hunger or thirst, and it could also come from a lack of stimulation.

Essentially, our brains know that there’s nothing happening to keep us occupied so they activate things like adrenaline and dopamine in order to wake up your brain cells for any activity you may have missed out on while being bored.

This series will talk about how this happens with more detail later on because we want to focus now on what you should do when faced with boredom so that these neurotransmitters stop functioning improperly within your body. Solutions: There are many ways to get rid of boredom, but most


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