“I can’t stop the beat, I’m giving love to everyone.”

Hercules and Love Affair In our modern society, we are exposed to an overabundance of information. It is difficult for us to process all the facts and statistics that come at us every day from a variety of sources.

We may hear about how many people died in car accidents last year, or read studies on different types of bacteria found in food. One area where this is especially true is with health related topics such as obesity rates among children or new medicines coming out each year. The challenge isn’t finding these things;

it’s trying to understand what they mean individually and then putting them into perspective so we can make informed decisions based on accurate data rather than speculation and hearsay.

What do you know about fitness? A lot has been said lately about the obesity epidemic and how people are getting too fat. It’s no secret that the American society is becoming increasingly sedentary, so it makes sense that more of us are gaining weight with each passing year.

However, there is a lot of misinformation about what fitness means to different types of individuals in our society today.

Do you know where your children spend most of their time? If they’re not at school or an organized activity like soccer practice, chances are they’re watching television or playing video games on various devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Combine this type of lifestyle with junk food commercials all day long telling them to eat potato chips instead of vegetables for lunch – which many schools still serve!-and we have a recipe for disaster when


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