We can’t stop the feeling, so we’re just gonna feel the beat! Justin Timberlake’s latest album is out and it’s time to party.

This album has a mix of genres from disco to pop. It might seem like he hasn’t changed up his sound too much since his last release but this one still feels new. You’ll be dancing all night long with these songs, so let’s get started!

This album is catchy, upbeat and perfect for the summer. It’s worth listening to if you’re in need of some good vibes! Let us know your favorite song from this album or what makes it so different than his last albums.

Instrumental: “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” by Justin Timberlake It may not be original but we can’t stop dancing when this song comes on!

We love that he has a mix of genres on this one with songs like “Suit & Tie” sounding more mature while others have hints of disco sounds. There are even ballads for those looking for something slower paced which might make him appeal to an older crowd as well. He still has that amazing voice too


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