I can’t stop the music Can’t turn off the radio It’s getting louder and louder now, yeah They’re playing my song.

I can’t stop the music They’re playing my song. Then it all becomes clear. And I’m listening to you. When my worries are gone, when there is no one else in sight but me and you..I am alone with my thoughts or a good book in bed at night;

You’re always playing on repeat. And I realize that this song about love is really all about who we’ve been together for so long:

It’s not just a melody sung by someone as they drive away from me straight into yesterday, it’s an anthem of what we’ll never be again.

Blood rushes through my veins like electricity because I need your touch to feel complete. And I’m listening to you..the one true voice that never leaves me alone because we share a love so strong it outlives everything else in this world.”


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