It’s a mystery when we’re not in on it. But, there are some mysteries that want to be solved.

I’m talking about the myriad of unsolved mysteries. There are more than 200 around the world and counting! What are some of the most famous unsolved mysteries in history? The Mysterious Disappearance of Amelia Earhart:

On July 1937, America’s aviation hero and her navigator disappeared over the Pacific Ocean. No trace was found until a group of researchers discovered wreckage from an airplane off the coast of Nikumaroro Island in 1991. But who were its occupants??

And why did they end up so far away from their intended destination?

We may never know.. – The Taman Shud Case: A man was found dead on December 1948 with no identification near Adelaide, Australia. His body had been washed ashore but there were still clues to his identity like clothing and coins on him that led investigators to believe he might be English or European.


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