If you are at all like me, then it is difficult to stay excited about learning a new language.

I am currently studying Spanish and these seven ways have been particularly helpful for relieving my enthusiasm for the task. -Set a realistic and achievable goal.

Make sure that you are not setting your goals to unrealistic levels so that they cannot be reached, which will result in disappointment.

For example, if one of my goals is to read a book in Spanish every two days, then I would need more time for this task than the allotted 48 hours per week.

And it may take me longer than six months as well. -Use plenty of colorful displays or visuals around you when studying vocabulary words before bedtime with flashcards at night over dinner with friends..

You get the point! This encourages active engagement and helps keep up enthusiasm for learning new things about another language while keeping abreast on current culture surrounding these items too! -Find


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