Many people love to read and write poetry. Poetry can be a great way to get out your feelings and thoughts. We have put together 12 sad but totally romantic poems for you!  Learn to love yourself first and don’t expect anyone else to give you what you need. This is the most important piece of advice I have for people struggling with a relationship or trying to find their lifemate. If there is one thing that would make my life easier it would be having someone who loved me unconditionally but we all know that this isn’t realistic and not something any person should base their relationships on anyways…!

valentine’s day, heart, cup @ Pixabay

Today’s article will briefly provide some stories about famous poets from history as well as some contemporary poets who have written about love and relationship. Love” is an interesting word because it can mean so many different things to a variety of people, but for today’s purposes we will define it as the following: “a strong interest in or liking for someone; attraction.”  (Merriam-Webster).

When thinking about how you would like your life partner to be – do they need to share interests with you? Do they need to be good-looking? Should they make you feel safe at all times? The truth is that these are all great qualities but if I had only one wish when searching for my life mate it would be this: please just learn how to love yourself first.


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