Are you getting married soon? If so, congratulations! Your engagement is a wonderful time to celebrate and it’s important that you have some fun with it. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing 11 ways for you to enjoy your engagement without being too traditional or cliche.

bride, wedding, redhead @ Pixabay

The first thing to do is have a celebratory meal with your fiance. If you are from an ethnic family, this may be something that’s deeply ingrained in the culture for many people and it can be hard not to follow these traditions even if they’re not exactly what you want. Instead of getting married at a banquet hall or restaurant, consider dining out at someplace like Taco Bell where there will likely be more space just for the two of you!

You’ll still get all those great cultural flavors without breaking tradition too much. Some other ways you might celebrate include taking walks around your hometowns (or new town) together and writing thank-you notes to everyone who has helped make this happen. 


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