The 11 Steps That Had To Have Been Taken For You Not To Win Do you want to increase your income? Do you want to live the life of luxury? Are you looking for that one thing that will make all your dreams come true? If so, keep reading. The secret to getting rich is right in front of our eyes. Winners don’t do anything different than what losers do.

They just win more often! It’s not a matter of being intelligent or talented, but simply having more luck and taking more chances. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the 11 steps which were taken for you not to win! Step #11: Going to work, school, or a job. This is the step that most of us take for granted and it’s actually one of the big factors in whether you succeed or not. The sooner you quit your day job, the better! What would be more valuable than waking up at 11 AM every morning? Spending those first few hours of each day getting productive instead of going through mundane tasks like driving to work – all while being chained by someone else who dictates when we can start taking.


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