Keywords to include: YouTube, dislikes The most liked videos on YouTube are those that make you laugh or cry.

It doesn’t matter what type of video it is as long as it makes you feel something! But sometimes things can get a little too emotional. How does anyone watch the saddest moments in our lives and not shed a tear? There is no denying that some videos are just hard to watch.

In this blog post, we will discuss 10 videos with the most likes on YouTube! YouTube Rewind 2018: This video has over 53 million likes and is the second most liked YouTube video of all time.

It’s meant to show us what happened in a year but it turns into more like a recap that just highlights how much we love watching people react to things for our entertainment!

The best part about this list? You can watch every single one on your commute home from work, or when you’re trying not to fall asleep at night. Puppies vs.

Babies: We cannot choose between puppies and babies- they are both equally adorable! But who wins in terms of views? Well apparently if they compete with each other then dogs win out by far because their adorableness knows no bounds (and


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