Nail stations are an important part of a salon. They provide the perfect place to polish and clean up nails before or after a manicure, as well as offer some relaxing chair time for clients. The nail station should be located in an area that is convenient for both customers and staff members. It should also have ample room for storage so that all necessary supplies can be kept nearby. A great nail station will make your customers feel like they are getting top-of-the-line service.

painting fingernails, nail polish, hearts @ Pixabay

To ensure that your nail station is the best it can be, you need to make sure that all necessary amenities are available for use at a moment’s notice! Some of these include polish bottles, cotton balls, and nail files. It also needs to have plenty of space so clients will feel comfortable sitting in one of the chairs while their nails are being worked on by an expert technician. A good nail station will not only provide great service for customers but allow them to relax as well! Can Tho Nail Station | ® 2016 Can Tho Nails Incorporated™ Copyright © All RIGHTS RESERVED – DO NOT COPY WITHOUT PERMISSION Digital.


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