Do turtles hear? The answer is a resounding yes! In order to understand how they can, we first need to take a look at their anatomy. This article will investigate what makes it possible for turtles to hear. In order for animals to hear, they need an auditory system. This includes a sense organ that detects sound waves and converts them into nerve impulses; these are then carried by the nervous system to the brain where it is interpreted by our senses. Turtles have both external ears (the visible part on their head) and internal ears (hidden in their skull).

turtle, swim, sea turtle @ Pixabay

The majority of turtles can only detect low frequency sounds which helps as many natural predators such as fish tend to produce low frequencies. Turtles do not use echolocation like bats because they don’t emit high-frequency sounds or clicks from their mouths when navigating through dark spaces, so we cannot know for sure if all species of turtle are deaf or not.


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