Dittos are a type of Pokémon that have the same genetic code. In other words, they are clones of themselves.

If two dittos breed, will their offspring be another ditto?

This is a question we will answer in this blog post!

As we know, dittos have the same genetic code. This means they are clones of themselves – two copies of one another.

If two Ditto mates, their offspring will be a second copy of each parent (resulting in three total). The offspring would not necessarily evolve into another Pokémon type unless it is intentionally bred for that specific trait to pass on.

pokemon, shield, note @ Pixabay

For example: Breeding an Onix with an Abra can produce a Kadabra because the desired evolution was planned out ahead of time and passed down through generations thanks to selective breeding.

However, if you were simply trying to create more Dittos by mating them together, your best bet would be cloning both parents! Good idea! 


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