Canoeing is a great way to spend time with your friends and family. Whether it’s on the river or in the ocean, an afternoon of canoeing can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, though, not all canoe trips go according to plan!

Read these painful canoe stories and laugh out loud at some unfortunate mishaps that have happened while people are trying to enjoy themselves.

This poor guy thought he would impress his girlfriend so they can go canoeing on the lake. It was going well until she started to complain about how hungry and thirsty she is. He should have known better because just as soon as you get out of a boat it will start sinking!

We were all having such a great time canoeing on the creek when we decided to take a break for lunch at one of our favourite spots ever.

I had my back turned while I tried making sandwiches and someone else took off without telling me or anyone else that they were leaving!

LOL, this wasn’t funny then but now that I think about it – hahaha oopsies! I hope these stories make you laugh.


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