There’s a strange case going on in the world of Minecraft. Villagers are disappearing! Nobody knows why, but it looks like their houses are still there with all their belongings inside.

The only problem is that they’re empty and nobody can find them anywhere to ask about what happened. What could have caused this?

We’ll never know until somebody finds out. It’s not a joke.

creativity, imagination, fantasy @ Pixabay

The last thing anybody remembers is that they were standing around in their village doing ordinary villager things like talking to each other or going about the town for their daily chores when suddenly..poof!

They just vanished into thin air. There seem to be no signs of what happened: there’re still some villagers roaming around, but most of them have gone missing overnight without any explanation whatsoever.

Some say it has something to do with zombies; others suspect witches or even an elven plot against humanity itself – but none of these theories can be confirmed as true until somebody finds out exactly what caused this phenomenon! 


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