Can we be friends? The lyrics to this song say it all.

They also remind me of the importance of friendships in our lives, and how sometimes people can take them for granted. I think that most people would agree with the sentiment expressed in these words: “And I don’t know what’s happening but my feelings are hurt.”

It is so easy to get wrapped up in other things going on in your life, or even just become busy with work and forget about old friends you used to hang out with. But if you do manage to stay close with someone throughout life, then they’re definitely worth keeping around!

piano, sheet music, music @ Pixabay

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If your long-form content seems short on text, try adding more background information before diving into what the product does so that readers know how they might use it themselves.

Ask yourself questions about why someone would buy this product and then answer them! What are some of its features? 


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