Dolls have always been a fascination for children.

They represent the innocence of youth and are often seen as a toy that represents what it is like to be young. But dolls can also be live-action, meaning they can actually move on their own!

This blog post will explore how such dolls work and some of the most popular ones out there today. A living doll is a type of toy that has been made to look and feel like a real person.

They are mostly for children, but some can be found at more adult-oriented stores.

Regardless of the audience, they will typically have some kind of electronic device in them such as an artificial intelligence or battery on their backside that allows it to move around and “think” independently from an outside source.

The magic behind these toys comes from technology: by adding batteries or chips into the dolls, they become smart enough to function without human guidance and interact with children based on how they play with them! Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one way this happens – when you turn your living doll’s head left, she might say something about looking


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