We carry a wide variety of hand tools from leading brands like Craftsman, Husky and Stanley.

From wrenches to hammers, you’ll find just what your toolbox needs at The Wrench Company. – We offer a wide selection of hand tools and parts to help you complete your project.

The wrench company is one of the best places I have been to find tools for my toolbox and has helped me with projects around the house. They had all sorts of wrenches that were great quality as well as hammers, screwdrivers and other things like nuts, bolts etc..

It was very helpful. – I always come here to find all the tools for my projects.

They have everything and it is a great quality. The Wrench Company – Hand Tools, The wrench company has been a source of many good memories with friends when we go there to work on something together. It’s also nice that they offer discounts if you buy in bulk or even better food from their concession stand while working on your project!

I like how this place offers so much hand tool variety as well as being able to get discounted prices by buying them in bulk or just getting some snacks at the cafe which was really cool too because then we could grab lunch before heading home after our day of hard labor haha ( ͡°


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