I’m sorry, not sorry I know that you’ll find somebody else so what’s the point of me trying to be someone else for you?

I used to care about it but now I don’t. You’re too concerned with your feelings and not mine. You think you have my heart in your hand when really all you got is a piece of me that was never yours.

You can blame me for leaving you like I blamed myself for not telling you sooner. You can blame me all the time, but deep down we both know the truth is that it’s nobody fault but mine.

I’m sorry woman, I just don’t feel this love anymore and there was never a chance of us being together anyway so y’all ain’t gotta front with these lies no more.

You got what you wanted last night and now its gone, ooh baby girl why did ya have to go? It hurts sometimes when someone says they’re falling outta love with ya or things are over because then everything has meaning again-everything feels important somehow–but once somebody leaves, well it kinda makes sense


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