The Greninja is a Water and Dark-type Pokémon, introduced in Generation VI.

It evolves from Frogadier at level 36. This makes it the final form of Froakie. The move Frustration changes to Hydro Pump when used while this Pokémon is active or holding an Electric Memory.

I’m not convinced that the Greninja is a great Pokemon to use for battles. It has some cool moves, but in my opinion it just doesn’t seem very useful overall.

I think players should try other Pokémon instead of using this one.

The Battle Bond Greninja is obtained by evolving your regular old Frogadier into its final form with an electric memory attached to it which changes Frustration into Hydro Pump.. and nothing else really worth noting about it.

The only thing more frustrating than having to battle against opponents with these are trying to breed them too because you need two copies of Ash’s Greninja-One male and one female-to get a chance at getting the Battle Bond version so if you can’t live


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