Togepi are a rare and elusive creature in the world of Pokémon.

They’re also one of the cutest creatures, with their fluffy down-like body. They have small stubby arms and legs that make them seem like they’re always smiling.

And if you’ve ever wanted to know how to breed these little guys, we’ll tell you! First, you’ll need two Togepi.

They can be male or female and they don’t have to be the same gender. You just need a male and a female for them to breed.

Put these two little guys in your party with an open space on your active team (you’re not going to keep both of them are you?). The next step is putting them into the Day Care Center found near Fuchsia City in Kanto territory [insert link here].

It’s super easy! This article tells all about how to get started breeding some new adorable creatures that will brighten up any Pokémon lover’s day! Be sure to check it out if this has ever been something you’ve wanted but never knew how to do


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