In this blog post, we will discuss how to breed Wyverns in ARK:

The 11 Steps. If you are a fan of the game and want to learn more about breeding Wyverns, then keep reading! If you’ve been playing ARK for a while now, chances are that you have come across a wyvern or two.

These winged beasts are both deadly and majestic at the same time, but what many don’t know is that they can be tamed just like any other creature on the island. Breeding them is by far one of the most difficult challenges in all of ARK -but it’s also one of the most rewarding when done successfully.

Here are the 11 steps to breeding Wyverns in ARK: Step One

 Find a Mate for Your Female Wyvern The first step you need to take is finding a male wyvern who can mate with your female. There are three types of males that you may find: The Reaper, Purlovia and Basilisk. Preferably, you want one that is not aggressive or will kill your tamed female (such as the Reaper).

It’s also important to note that there’s only one Flyer among them all so once again, it has an advantage over others. If none are present nearby, then this process becomes much more difficult because they have to be spawned by commands–which means


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