If you like your coffee with milk, then this article is for you. Making a cup of joe with milk can be tricky, but it’s not as complicated as some people might think. For those who are unsure about how to make coffee with milk, we have the perfect guide! -Start with a clean pot before you measure out your ingredients. You don’t want to contaminate the milk with old coffee grounds or other flavors and odors that might be lingering in your cupboards from cooking, baking, or brewing anything else.

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Long Form Content: So what do you need to brew some good-old fashioned iced milk? Well, it’s not too difficult! To make this delicious drink all you’ll need is an icy cold glass for serving (or if at home prepare a large pitcher), one teaspoon of sugar per person for sweetening, whole milk*, condensed skim milk* (*depending on preference) and ice cubes*. For those who like their beverages stronger than others can add additional strength using either espresso


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