If you are a frequent traveler, then there is a good chance that your luggage has been searched before. You might have already experienced the feeling of seeing an officer pull out your favorite canister of pepper spray from your bag. If you’re not sure if you can bring pepper spray on a plane or not, this blog post will answer all of your questions! As a general rule, pepper spray is considered to be an illegal item on most commercial flights. However, if you are traveling with your own car and driving from one location to another then the answer may vary.

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There has been confusion about whether pepper spray should be permitted in checked luggage or not, but it turns out that either way is fine as long as TSA requests permission first (though they don’t always). The final decision relies heavily on how close you’re traveling by air – for example: international trips will have stricter guidelines than local ones; private jets can carry any items without restrictions while commercial airlines won’t allow anything besides what’s needed for medical reasons or food/beverages intended for consumption onboard. If these


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