Antibiotics are a very popular drug that many people use without any problems. However, antibiotics are sometimes required for more serious cases of illness and it is important to know whether you can buy them over the counter at Walgreens or not. Can you buy antibiotics over the counter at Walgreens?

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While most people can go to a pharmacy and purchase their medicine, there are some restrictions on certain medications. Antibiotics for example may require permission from your medical professional before they will be prescribed by a doctor. This is because of the potential risk that an antibiotic could cause more harm than good in someone who has no other illness symptoms present.

If this is not the case then it’s possible that they might be able to get them without needing any prescription if requested as a treatment for a respiratory infection or something unrelated such as ear pain or sinus infection but consult with your healthcare provider first. Antibiotic side effects: Some common reactions include nausea, vomiting


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