Lidocaine is a drug that is used as an injection to numb the skin for medical procedures. It can also be injected into certain areas of the body in order to decrease pain. Lidocaine injections are not available over the counter, but they can be purchased with a prescription from your doctor or other healthcare providers.

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Lidocaine injection is only available with a valid prescription from your doctor or another healthcare provider. For this reason, it cannot be purchased over the counter at drugstores like Walmart, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. You can purchase lidocaine online if you have an e-prescription form that has been signed by your doctor. Once you’ve completed the order for lidocaine injections, UPS typically delivers them within two days in most cases.”

“You can also arrange to pick up your medical supplies including lidocaine injections after hours using ours After Hours Delivery Service (available in select US cities). Speak to one of our associates about signing up for this service today!” The website provides more information on how


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