Choker necklaces have been a part of woman’s jewellery for more than a decade and they seem to be going strong to this date. Sleek, edgy, minimalistic, boho-inspired or decorated with pendants, beads and gems, these necklaces have turned out to be the choice of most people. 

If you are someone who hasn’t given it another look, it’s high time you do so, particularly since pulling it off is not as daunting as you might have imagined. If you need some inspiration, here are some creative ways to sport a choker necklace.  

Layered choker necklace

You can master weekend style easily using a fool-proof formula that can never go wrong. People often call a pair of white tops and blue denims a weekend uniform, as they effortlessly impart weekend vibes. And the challenge piece is none other than your choker necklace, in all its dainty and layered glory. You can mix different lengths, pendant-adorned or simple pieces and adhere to gold for an appearance that’s on-trend, simple to create and completely versatile.

Ultra-thick choker necklace

You can master the art of the finest juxtaposition as far as styling with the right type of and the proper kind of edge is concerned. Working example- there’s this oversized, ultra-cosy, sweater in the softest hue and fabric that you can pair up with an edgy, ultra-thick black choker necklace. Then, there’s the distressed denim that can help you complete the contemporary look; ideal for off days wherein you are relaxing, yet you need to pull off a quick style boost. 

Ultra-long leather string necklace

There are only a handful of clothing items that shout urban street style from the top of the roof as stridently as your leather jacket.  And as far as capturing an edgy look, the leather jacket is still on everyone’s charts even to this date. To master this look, you need to choose a choker necklace that has an ultra-long leather string and couple it up with a combination of gold-tone pieces that include dainty pendants. You can wear a loose white tee as it helps complete your look flawlessly,  and so do your classic skinny denims.

Seashell choker necklace

People love taking their pearl home (specifically to the beach) is completely on trend, and so is taking their seashells. A high-placed necklace created completely out of tiny, dainty shells, layered with another favourite necklace of yours and the bikini bra that facilitates the most favourable tanning experience is what you need. The final verdict is in – beach vibes aesthetic accomplished. Whether you opt for the crafty route and DIY the shell choker necklace or get one as a keepsake on one of your travels, you are certain to look beach-ready throughout the summer. 

Open choker necklace

Choker necklaces tend to come in different sizes and shapes and this particular variety is certainly one of the favourites of most people: The open choker, also known as a chic substitute to the edgy styles is a great jewellery piece that doesn’t have any limits. Whether you wish to opt for a minimalist appearance or go the OTT, wild route that helps you create your own style statement, it is totally up to you as the market is exploding with several possibilities. You can pair up your open choker with a mini scarf knotted together chicly and tightly on your neck that has retro inspiration written all over it. 

The beaded choker necklace

If you are seeking something that is on the graceful and effortless side, you can take pleasure in the casual vibe that the sand beads have to present through some layered bohemian choker necklaces. 

Designed as a statement piece to accentuate any look, be it your formal office wear or a party-ready collection, the choker necklace helps you fully express and showcase your style, no matter where the day takes you. 


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