Do frogs hibernate in winter? Yes, they do! As far as I know most people have never heard of a true winter hibernator, but I have! I am not a frog expert, but I am not the only one who believes they actually hibernate.

For most of the year, the wintertime is the only time of year when they can actually hibernate. But it seems like you can’t escape summer if you want to get back into hibernation. I just don’t know why.

What I am trying to say is that hibernation is just not a real thing. It’s also not in the real world either because it’s a myth, unlike a true winter hibernator. They hibernate to survive and to get back into winter they may need to escape, which is why I call them “frogs.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the cold is not the enemy. If you are in the cold, hibernating, and you are desperate to get out, you could just go outside. But it would only be a temporary solution to your problems. And so you would have to spend more time in the cold than you do now. I would recommend sleeping in the cold as a way of staying warm in the winter and getting out.

In the video above, I made a little joke about this being a topic that’s not very healthy for the brain, but I’m kind of glad it’s a topic that’s not very unhealthy for the brain. I mean, I would have rather had frogs in the winter, but I think that’s a topic that would need to be discussed more.

I’m not sure if frogs are hibernating, but their winter habitats are cold. They actually spend most of their time sleeping, and when they wake up, they freeze. I think that would be a good place for them to hibernate.

I think its better for them to hibernate in winter, than to be frozen in winter. As frogs hibernate in the winter, they actually go out in the spring to lay eggs and start producing new tadpoles. Why do I think that? Because when I was little (and they still are), I always thought that the best time to be in a frog’s winter habitat was in the spring.

This is one of the reasons why I think the cold is so important. The warm weather comes in and takes away all that energy. It brings everything to a halt, and a frog that was on the edge of hibernation, can be revived by returning to its normal winter habitat.

Well, maybe they’re not actually animals that hibernate, but rather a type of salamander. I mean that’s cool, but I don’t think that in the wild they hibernate. I think when you read about them in books it’s always in the spring, and this is a cool way of saying that it’s the cold that brings them back to life.


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