In this episode of enriquez entertainment (see a playlist of the most iconic tracks from the series, as well as a sneak peek at future episodes) I interview the legendary David Bowie, one of the most gifted and prolific songwriters of the last century, and his brother the legendary John Lennon. David Bowie talks about his life, love for the ocean, and the music that influenced his career.

David Bowie was the most popular male musician of the 60s and 70s and he was one of the most respected artists of his era, but he was also one of the most tragic. His life was filled with tragedy, heartache, and heartbreak. So it’s no surprise that his music has a timeless quality. Bowie was also an artist that created a soundtrack for so many iconic movies, and that made for a timeless soundtrack for the modern era.

I think one of the more interesting things about Bowie’s early music is that it was a unique soundtrack to the “Golden Age of Cinema,” the decade between the late 1940s and the late 1960s. It was the most important music to the 1960s, and it was made on the same budget and by the same people that created the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Bowie’s early music was also, in the words of the late, great Leonard Cohen, “the most important music ever made,” and that’s not just because the Beatles got it the first time around. Bowie’s music was so important because it was so different from anything else going around. Not only did it capture the feel of the Golden Age of Cinema, but it also represented the new generation of youth that was emerging out of that era.

The Beatles were the first band to make music that was so innovative, and in many ways, so groundbreaking that its influence spread throughout pop and rock music for years to come. Like most of us, they didn’t have a huge following until they started touring. They were one of the first bands to sell out shows and get millions of people on their feet.

In a few generations, the Beatles’ influence would spread through everything from rock and roll to pop to punk, from film to animation, from sports to TV, from the hip-hop revolution and beyond, all with the same basic formula: they created something and made it popular, and then they made it more popular. It was a formula that would be followed and imitated by the likes of the Beastie Boys, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, and many others.

There’s no way to know exactly how much influence the Beatles had, but the music they made was always so innovative and unique, so well produced and produced, that it was bound to become a part of pop culture, just as the Beatles changed the way the world thought about music and what music was supposed to be. You can’t really measure that because no one was more aware of the Beatles or their influence than the Beatles themselves.

The Rolling Stones were also a band that had a unique influence on rock music that was just as good as the Beatles. They were an innovator and an artist who was always pushing the boundaries. The Beatles were in a totally different category. While they were as innovative, as well as producing music that was unique, they also were very much a part of the establishment. They were the one band that had the power to influence a lot of music.

The Beatles were the biggest influence on the music that we listened to throughout the 70’s and 80’s. They were the one group and band that allowed us to have all of the music that we listened to as we grew up. Their music was the music that we loved. It wasn’t just the music that we learned as kids. The Beatles allowed us to listen to the music that we loved. It was an amazing thing to witness.

It’s not just the Beatles. It’s the rock and roll of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, and it’s the music that everyone grew up listening to, whether they were into the Beatles or not. It’s the music that everyone grew up listening to, and it’s the music that everyone grew up loving. They are the reason that we grew up. It’s the music we grew up listening to, and it’s the music that we love.

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