RoboForex outperforms the other brokers after thoroughly testing them and having each one go through our thorough review process. RoboForex has over 12,000 instruments, licenses from IFSC, and fair trading fees.

They allow you to compare FBS vs RoboForex features side-by-side, so that you can choose which one suits your trading needs the best. Continue reading to learn why RoboForex was rated higher than FBS by our experts.

Which has the best spread?

Spread is a trading cost. The lower spread the traders get, the better. Spread information between brokers can be difficult to find as not all brokers publish their spread data transparently.

The trader can still choose the right broker by looking at their spreads. Fixed and variable spreads are the most popular. Every trader will have to decide the pros and cons of each spread. FBS offers variable spread pricing, while RoboForex has variable spread pricing.

FBS vs RoboForex : Who has the best trading platform?

Trading platforms are essential because you cannot execute trades without them. Trading platforms also provide price charts and a variety of analytical tools that help traders to better understand their strategies.

FBS offers MetaTrader 4 trading (Limited to 45 days of inactivity) to their clients. Mobile trading, Trailing stop, trailing stop and Pending orders are all included in the offer. RoboForex, on the other hand, offers MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader trading.

Which trading instrument provider is better, RoboForex or FBS?

Forex brokers often offer trading instruments that are not limited to currency pairs. This is well-known. This offer offers traders interesting options to explore new markets and diversify their trading portfolios.

FBS offers trading with Cryptocurrencies and Forex, Gold & silver CFD, and Futures. RoboForex allows trading with Forex, CFDs, Indexes ETF Gold & silver.

The final decision on which broker is better depends on your criteria. A variable spread is better than a fixed spread if you’re an active trader. MetaTrader 4 is the most popular trading platform. If you prefer a different platform and want to experience a unique trading experience, choose a broker that offers alternative platforms. You should also look for brokers that offer more trading instruments if you are interested in exploring different markets.

RoboForex offers traders 12,000+ instruments. These include 36 currency pairs, 10 cryptocurrencies, 53 stocks, and shares. CFDs can be traded with RoboForex.

FBS, on the other hand, boasts more than 70 tradable instruments. FBS offers 33 stock and share options, 35 currency pairs, and 0 cryptocurrencies. FBS also offers CFD trading.

Both brokers offer the same number of instruments so they are great choices if you want to diversify your trading portfolio.

 Are RoboForex and FBS more profitable?

Our experts compare trading costs at different brokers by analyzing both trading-specific fees such as spreads and non-trading costs such as inactivity fees and payment costs.

We first looked at the fees that Standard Accounts pay to get an idea of how expensive or cheap RoboForex is. RoboForex’s average spread for the EUR/USD currency pair stands at 1.3 pip, while FBS’s spread is 1.

FBS is the best option for forex trading at a low cost.

RoboForex charges non-trading fees. FBS charges for withdrawal and deposit. RoboForex’s non-trading fees are lower because of this.Our experts determined that RoboForex was the best option after comparing the costs of each broker: RoboForex Review.

Which broker is more secure, RoboForex or FBS?

Our experts consider a variety of factors to determine how safe top-rated brokers are. These include the number of licenses held by the broker and their reputation. The history of the broker is also important. A long-standing broker is more trustworthy and reliable than one who just started.

RoboForex is regulated and insured by IFSC. FBS is regulated and offered client protection by CySec (FCA), CySec (ASIC), and IFSC).

These two factors and the history of each broker make RoboForex the safer broker.

Which is better: RoboForex, or FBS for beginners?

Our experts review the educational materials, minimum deposit limits, account types, and trading conditions to determine if a broker is suitable for beginner’s traders.

FBS is the best broker for beginner’s traders, as it provides a wider range of educational tools. FBS requires a minimum deposit amount of $.


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