You should include self-promotional links in a guest post as per its blog owner guidelines. Each blog owner has its own style of giving credit to guest bloggers for their work. ‘Keywords Everywhere‘ is one of the best free Chrome extensions for web developers, SEO experts, digital marketers, and bloggers.

This section caters to the needs of the small business owners and entrepreneurs in Australia and helps their business grow. The articles in this section talks about various topics ranging from planning, HR staffing, accounting, taxation among others. Small Business Computing is a blogging service owned by IT Business Edge and is a property of Quinstreet Enterprise. This blog focuses more on the latest news and developments with regard to the world of Information Technology. Apart from this, they also have a section about small business and entrepreneurship with a variety of articles about how to run a small business successfully.

You can do this immediately or wait a few days or weeks before sending a thank-you email. When you flood an article with blog links, you risk losing readers’ trust. Such information is most likely in the author’s biography. After your topic proposal on Free Guest Posting Sites is accepted, produce quality work. The best click-through rates on SERPs and social media come from articles with attention-grabbing headlines and complex data. When you include internal links, you’re inviting visitors to take a deeper look at your blog.

The tips given by Neil have been very effective and have made Quicksprout a very popular site among the people who want to develop an effective online marketing strategy. If you’re looking to outsource your blog content writing part or want to try to publish different opinions from different authors, you should definitely accept guest posts from others. What you have to do is approach owners or concerned persons of these blogs with a polite email. You should highlight your intention to write guest posts for them. And in case you have already written guest posts for some popular blogs in your niche, please mention them as well in your email. Whether you are looking for the best guest posting sites in India or elsewhere, you need to write them well.

It tracks your progress and inspires you to achieve those goals. You can write on a wide range of topics and learn different tactics using this software solution. You can set writing goals, track progress, organize your blog posts, and publish directly to WordPress. All these features make this writing tool your go-to place when you can’t figure out the right words to express your thoughts. It’s also great for writing captions on social media, as they need to be short and catchy. You can either input the URL of your published blog posts or copy-paste the entire text directly.

The readers of these articles, majority of whom are entrepreneurs and small businessmen, find these content very useful as it helps them make their small business grow quickly. was established in 2002 and is headquartered in London. I’m glad you loved reading my article about content writing tools. There’s a lot of research, time, and effort that goes into creating good content.

Our writers are focused on their tasks and take pride in extending the information from many fields to individuals who aren’t well aware of it. With tools to help you with topic research, quality checks, and proofreading, you can save a lot of time. Using these tools, you’ll have more time to focus on improving the quality of your content. Research is the most important and time-consuming part of content writing. This amazing content writing tool helps you research efficiently. Standing by its name, this is one of the most dangerous content writing tools in the market.

Thanks for the comprehensive list as I am finding some blogs to guest post as well. As the non stable algorithm of Google, the best and effective way of exposure and link building is guest posting. I just added some fashion blogs to this list that allows guest blogging. Guest blogging is NOT dead and it will never be as long as you adhere to Google rules and create quality content for others.