Cryptographic cash exchanges are stages that work with the trading of computerized types of cash for various assets, including progressed and government-provided cash such as BTC, ETH and Luna. Subsequently, computerized money exchanges probably go as a middle person between a buyer and a seller and acquire cash through commissions and trade charges. This year, the KuCoin stage likewise had dramatic development in various viewpoints, from more than 3100% value rally of KCS, 300+ new postings on the stage, to the breaking of 10 Million client numbers. In this article, we basically will discuss the key achievements accomplished by KuCoin north of 2021 and offer the future standpoint of the KuCoin business.

Growth In Numbers

Trading Volume

KuCoin’s combined exchanging capacity surpassed $1 trillion; also typical day-to-day exchanging volume came to $3 billion, an increment of 11x year-on-year. KuCoin’s Spot increased in crypto prices from 1.42% toward the start of the year to the ongoing degree of 6.79%, while KuCoin Futures similarly reached from 0.48% close at the start of the year with a continuous level of 3.09%.


It is one of their most brilliant achievements of 2021 that is breaking 10 million enrolled clients by the end of 2021. KuCoin will continue to propel its globalization method and bring direct easy-to-use, and security organizations to additional overall clients.


KuCoin is generally compared with its respective token that is KuCoin share (KCS), which is somewhat similar to KuCoin. Additionally, KCS has become one of the most amazing performing exchange tokens because it has reached more than 31x of its value.

Trading And Customer Experience

As a ‘Peoples’ Exchange,’ KuCoin focuses on client experience and offers the best client administration. It is due to general development of the KuCoin biological system, and also there was a 10x expansion in 2021 in the number of client demands which was online. To meet the remarkable development in client requests, KuCoin sent off Answer Bots to offer more effective client care. All the more significantly, we have helped north of 30,000 clients recover their lost assets or mixed-up stores in 2021.

Product And Features

New Listing

As the main 1 altcoin exchange, KuCoin consistently finds the following crypto jewel and offers great crypto resources for financial backers. KuCoin has recorded more than 630 tradable resources, with 1100+ exchanging pairs as of composing. In 2021, there were basically 9 crypto jewels which were sent to KuCoin Spotlight. The remarks has been generated with cost floods, which includes projects like Metaverse projects e.g. Victoria VR (VR), GameFi star like Chumbi Valley (CHMB), and also most important DeFi convention of Polkadot environment – Polkadex (PDEX), and similar to that many others.

New Offerings

It generally has certain great features which assist enormously to the customers like trading bots, which is basically a free exchanging instrument usually helps clients with saving investment while working for their benefit. Up until this point, 5.5 million exchanging bots have been made on KuCoin, with a total client income north of 149 million USDT. And similar to that, many highlights incorporate KuCoin Leveraged Token, KuCoin Win, KuCoin Fiat Account, KuCoin Pool, and Social Trading.


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