Does your business involve a lot of rooms or storage cabinets? If it does, you have a lot of keys to sort and secure. No doubt, this can be a very challenging and time-consuming task, especially when you don’t have a perfect key organizer to carry out the job with. 

It’s true that taking a bit of time to organize your things today can save your sanity tomorrow. So how do you organize them? What hacks do you apply to keep your keys tracked? If you are unsure how to sort your keys, continue reading and check the ideas below that will help you keep your keys organized, tidy and handy.

Best tips to organize your keys

Group keys by function

Start with decluttering. If you have kept all your keys (like the house key, office key, car key, mailbox key, etc.) together, the first thing you need to do is declutter the ones you use less frequently or haven’t used for a long time. After this, it’s time to group them by usage. 

First, group them into two sets: one that you use daily and the other that you occasionally use. For example, if you have lockboxes or mailboxes which you access once in a while, keep them together in a separate set, and the ones like your house key or car key put them in another group. 

Under these sets, you can further sort your keys based on their function. Suppose you have more than one car; you can keep your car keys separate from your house key or office key. But to separate them, you would need to tag them also. 

There are many ways you can opt for tagging your keys, like using key-toppers, painting the top of the keys with different colors; doing this will help you differentiate them.  

Use a key wallet

Organizing your keys on a keychain can be tricky if you have many. So what you can do is buy a key wallet, but this will be convenient for you only if you carry a purse or a bag with you regularly. 

Or even if you have extra-deep pockets, a key wallet can also be a great help to you. Key wallets come with keyholders where you can attach your keys, zip them up and keep them consolidated, allowing you to access them as and when needed. 

Key wallets are undoubtedly the best space saver for such pesky things. Moreover, if you have many more keys, you can also bag them and keep them in your drawer or car dashboard. Key wallets are available in various sizes and designs; you can choose based on your need. 

Get a key organizer

Last and the most efficient way to arrange your keys is to buy an organizer for your keys. Several online stores offer a myriad of choices in key organizers, so you can easily find the one that matches your style and needs. 

You can think of buying a perfect key organizer as a favorable investment for your business. You may not know that, but most customers prefer businesses with reliable lock and key systems. 

This is specifically true in the case of hotels, hospitals, schools, and other industries where customers have to stay for a longer time. Modern keys sorting and safekeeping will give your customers the impression that you value protecting them from anyone or anything that can endanger their well-being. 

Look around, and you will find that there is no dearth of different brands and kinds of organizers for your keys. To ensure that you are getting your money’s worth, consider purchasing from the top manufacturers. Nonetheless, these products can perform better and longer than their cheaper counterparts. 

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