Banners, billboards, and posters have always been amazing outdoor advertising tools, especially in cities. These marketing tools are also incredibly easy to use. Set up your brand’s custom-printed vinyl banners outside shopping malls, alongside busy roads and other city centers. They will attract the attention of commuting shoppers.

Unfortunately, in the post-pandemic world, all of these advantages don’t apply anymore. The COVID19 pandemic has forced consumers to live more local lives. People don’t crowd around in city centers as much as they used to in the past. That’s why banners, billboards, posters, and other outdoor advertising tools are not receiving as much attention.

Don’t worry – outdoor advertising tools will not disappear altogether. That’s because over 51% of the population still prefers shopping from small, locally owned businesses. Your custom-printed manners may not generate as much attention in busy, urban shopping centers. But, they can still be very effective in small local communities and neighborhoods.

With this new era comes new marketing challenges. To give their brands maximum exposure, business leaders are changing their banner placement strategies. Here’s how top brand leaders are targeting their customers with new banner placement strategies –

Geographic Targeting

Brand leaders frequently geo-target city centers while carrying out their promotional campaigns. For example, if a brand is creating ads for students, they would set up banner ads in school districts. Now, they must apply the same logic to local shoppers. More and more consumers are shopping in local stores in nearby neighborhoods and suburbs.

  • Place your banner ads in these localities. Find out which areas in local communities your target customers live in and frequent. Strategically set up your banners in these areas. 
  • Target areas that receive the most foot traffic. Incentivize all audience interactions with your banners. 
  • Tell the target customers that they’ll earn special discounts (or other offers) if they contact your brand. Include your brand’s contact details (email, phone, etc.) on the banners. 

See how many calls/emails each local campaign receives. Gather and utilize the information you collect from your local shoppers. Use them in later campaigns.

Banner Timing

When is the ideal time for your target customer to read your banner? Or, at what time of the day do you want your target customer to see your banner? Early in the morning, evening, or at night? The answers to the two questions will depend on your brand’s target audience. 

For example, if you’re targeting office professionals, displaying your banner ads to them early in the morning makes more sense. If you’re targeting students, evening ads are more effective. Your banner’s design will depend on what time of the day they’re most visible. 

Of course, your banners will stay outdoors 24×7. But, if you want them to be most visible in the morning, their design should be morning-themed. Similarly, if you want more nighttime visibility, you will have to modify your banner’s design accordingly.

Be Creative

Banner ads with creative designs and messages cut through the noise and compel your audience to pay attention. So, don’t create generic banner ads. Assess what your competitors are doing. Use creative text and vibrant imagery to make your ads appear more eye-catching than your competitors.  

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