This week we had the opportunity to see two very different aspects of our city of Durham. After spending time traveling throughout the city, we sat down to talk with residents about the unique and sometimes unexpected ways that each area of Durham handles a local issue in the context of the whole.

For instance, a few areas have very specific laws and ordinances that address a specific kind of violence, but in some cases, these laws are just a way of protecting people from each other. One example is the case of a young woman in the South Side that was attacked after she was drinking in a bar. After being assaulted, she was later charged with assault and battery. However, the laws are just a way to keep the violence down so she can continue to drink.

The city of Chicago has a law that requires you to put down your trash before you can sit down at a table. The law is so ridiculous that it’s kind of a joke. Apparently, when someone sits down at a restaurant, they set off a series of alarms in the city and the cops are all over them. Basically, if you sit down at a restaurant, you are a criminal.

The way you do this is by writing a letter to the mayor and handing it to a policeman. If you go to the police station and they have your letter, the officer will scan it and you will be arrested. The officer will then write your name on a citation. This is a crime, so if you write the wrong letter, you will be arrested. The first letter does not have to be in the exact order.

If you run afoul of these laws, you have to submit to a lie detector test. Which is an invasive procedure. The police will have you take this test and if you pass, they will write your name on a citation.

The police are really good at making things up. While it is difficult to believe that an officer will go through the trouble to write a lie detector test on your letter, it is a very real thing that occurs. In fact, this seems to be part of the reason why the police have a lot of officers, since they are very good at lying.

I have had this experience when I was a kid, and I remember thinking, “I’m being arrested for lying.” This made me feel like I didn’t matter. The fact is, lying is a huge part of the job when dealing with the police, and it’s a practice that is completely tolerated. In fact, they use lies to get information and to make up stories about their victims.

I personally know several people who have been arrested for lying. It is a very real and extremely serious crime.

Interdisciplinarity is the philosophical term for the practice of interdisciplinary research. It is a study of a scientific subject in an effort to understand it better, and ultimately to apply its knowledge to other fields.

The term interdisciplinary is generally used to describe a method of study in which one field of knowledge is used by another, thus increasing their understanding of one another. In the case of police lies, it is used to make the police act for the benefit of the public. So in the case of the Arkane studio, it is a way of studying the police so that they can be better at their job.


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