Environmental agents are called toxic chemicals when they are harmful to humans. They can harm both human beings and the environment.

Chemical agents are called toxic chemicals when they are harmful to people. They can harm the environment, but they can also harm humans.

Toxic chemicals are often found in products that are harmful to people. For example, the pesticide DDT was banned in the United States in 1972, but it was still in use in the 1970s. If you’re buying something that contains DDT, you should be concerned. It will still be around in 30 years, so it’s important to be aware of its effects.

Toxic chemicals are generally classified by how dangerous they are to people.

Chemicals are categorized into six classes, each of which has different properties. Examples of toxic chemicals that have the same properties include arsenic and mercury, but they are different. Arsenic is a naturally occurring compound found in many organisms, while mercury is a byproduct of refining coal into mercury sulfide. Mercury is very toxic and can cause the skin to turn blue. But it also has a nasty tendency to migrate into food and water when it’s ingested.

One of the effects of arsenic is to cause cancer. And it has been known to cause birth defects, developmental defects, impaired kidney function, damage to sperm, and even death in babies. Mercury is a strong poison and people who drink it as a drinking water source can easily suffer from a condition called toxic mercury poisoning, even if they ingest it in a pure form.

These are not the only environmental agents that are bad for you. Heavy metals, like arsenic and mercury, can interfere with your body’s ability to produce proteins, and they can cause damage to your cells. Lead is highly toxic and can cause your kidneys to fail, and toxic waste can leak from your body. If you have a kidney problem, you might want to go to a doctor. As for the other environmental agents, there are a lot of bad chemicals out there.

But most of us aren’t even aware of these agents, and if we are, we probably don’t know about them. It can be really easy to unknowingly poison ourselves. I know because my grandmother was one of the few people that I knew to have ever been poisoned by an environmental agent. She was poisoned by mercury.

Mercury is probably a perfect example. In the last decade or so people started to discover that mercury was a possible cause of Alzheimer’s, and in fact it probably is. Mercury is a known carcinogen, and it’s also a good example of how toxic waste can leak from our bodies. A lot of the things we do, and the things we’re exposed to, have some sort of impact on our bodies. For example, the most common cause of liver cancer is exposure to ethanol.

In the last couple of years people realized that even small amounts of mercury in the air or water can have a significant impact on our bodies, and our bodies have ways to deal with mercury poisoning. For instance, people who live in the desert are much more likely to be poisoned by mercury than people who live in the city.


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