Julia Kulchenko, a former Google employee, is now an independent consultant with her own firm, Kulchenko Partners. Her most recent work has been in the areas of product design and user experience for mobile applications.

She was once a Google employee, but not that long ago. She joined the company in 1995 and stayed till 2008. She was one of the first women to work there. She also worked on Google’s Android project, which is now the most valuable division of the company. I’ve had the pleasure of talking to her recently about her experiences at Google.

I know she joined Google for the Android team, but its still great to see her working on something like this. The Android team is an amazing place, and I love the way they manage their teams. It’s also great to see a woman with a background on user interface design, like herself, playing a role on the Android team. This team is currently working on creating a new interface (in a manner more along the lines of Android 2.0) that will be called, Android 2.

We all love Julia, but I wish she were more active on Google. The fact that she worked on Android for so long is great, but I wish she would have been more involved. I don’t know if she has ever had the chance to work on Google’s product team, but I think it is time for her to get out and do something more meaningful.

The Android 2.0 interface is a great start, but I wish it was a little more active. I don’t want to have this endless “Oh, well, this interface will be fun, and this will be cool. But let’s not get stuck on the details right now, because the details are all over on Google” where you can’t get rid of the details.

Julia Kulchenko is a product manager, and she’s been working on Android for a little over 4 years now. She came to Google with Android 2.0 and was instrumental in getting Android 2.1 passed through the approval process. She was also working on Google Play Music, which is very interesting, and will be coming soon.

But Julia Kulchenko has been on Google for a long time now, working on Android for 4 years. She has a very interesting background. She was an editor for the German Apple magazine, “MacUser”, and she also worked on the Mac Observer, which is one of the largest consumer magazines in the world. She also worked with Apple on the magazine, and also wrote a very interesting article on the relationship between Google and Apple.

Julia was also the editor of the technology magazine, Android Central, which is one of the most widely read tech magazines on the web.

She left Google in March of 2012 to launch her own site, android.ru. Julia’s views on Android and iOS are very different than Google’s. She has called Android a “bastard” of Google, but she has also suggested that Apple’s “unfair” practices might be to blame for Android’s poor performance, which of course doesn’t make sense at all.


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