Our plumbing solutions can make all your problems go away, from clogged drains to outdated fixtures. We’re available around-the-clock to save you and your family from obnoxious plumbing headaches. We are taking additional precautions to protect our customers. I paid $300 per toilet to have reseated and waited 5 days for an appointment. Toilet bolt covers could not be put back on, because bolts were left too long.

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The Plumbing Experts is a locally owned and operated plumbing company serving Greenville and the surrounding areas with the highest quality plumbing service. We value our customers and total customer satisfaction is our top priority. We always take the time to explain the work that is needed and answer your questions.

One toilet had to be reseated again 1 month later because the old seal was not removed completely and the toilet was reseated on a surface that was not flat. Emergency Plumbing Service came and examined our leaking faucet, removed the hose and discovered where the leak was occuring. They took the hose to several stores and found out no one carried the hose anymore. It would have to be ordered in and would take a couple of days and we would be without water in the kitchen.