This question is actually a bit of a red herring. It’s actually more likely that we will see glaciers in the midwest than anywhere else in the country. A large portion of the midwest is quite temperate, and in fact, the lowest temperatures you will find in the state are in the midwest.

The reason you’ll have some glaciers, is because the midwest has a great deal of snow to fall on it. The state’s highest temperatures occur in the midwest because high altitude snow has a lot of moisture and low altitude snow is lighter. This creates a lot of melt water down on the ground and a nice chunk of snow to fall on the earth’s surface.

The only place where summers are colder than the midwest is in the south. The midwest has only a few places, like the Rocky Mountains, where summers are colder than the midwest. The reason youll have snow in the southern states is because the mountains are low in elevation.

The only place in the world where summers are less than the midwest is in the eastern half of North America. In the middle of the country, the summers are just warmer than the midwest.

The reason for this is that the mountains are high in elevation and the surface of the earth is much more exposed. The northern hemisphere has a lot more water covering the surface in winter than the southern hemisphere. This means the northern hemisphere is much more likely to get some snow. The southern hemisphere is not so lucky.

It took me a while to get the latitudes right. I tried to take into account the fact that the earth is shaped this way as well as the fact that it is a spherical earth. I also didn’t want to include all the areas in which the southern hemisphere is less likely to get snow. The latitudes vary in the northern hemisphere a lot more than in the southern hemisphere.

I do think that in general, northern latitudes are more likely to get some snow than southern latitudes. The northern hemisphere is slightly more likely to get some snow than the southern hemisphere, but in general northern latitudes are slightly more likely to get some snow than southern latitudes.

There is one thing that could skew the north/south ratio in the northern hemisphere, and that’s the way that the Earth’s rotation works. The Earth’s axis rotates around its axis, which means that the Northern Hemisphere tilts more than the Southern Hemisphere. This means that a lot of the northern latitudes are more likely to get some snow because it’s rotating in a different direction.

If you’re going to take our Antarctica adventure you better make sure you have a pair of gloves.

So what exactly is so exciting about Antarctica? That it has one of the highest densities of glaciers in the world? Well, Antarctica is the largest, coldest, and most inhospitable place on Earth, and thats for good reason. Its a place where the entire winter is spent underneath ice sheets, so you won’t see a lot of the sun in the summer. There’s no sunshine there, and you will probably be cold even in the warmest months.


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