One of the more interesting questions I have been asked is, “what is the effect of a given nutrient on the distribution of photosynthetic organisms?” I have the same thought process in that I would like to think of the nutrients that I can and can’t take and the ones I can and can’t have. Many think that the only things they can have are vitamins.

Yes, the nutrients we take in are often limiting our intake. But there are two different types of nutrients. A nutrient is a chemical that is broken down in the organism and forms energy. These nutrients then travel through the body and are used to produce energy and also to function in other processes.

The other type of nutrients are the nutrients that are absorbed. These nutrients are used to either build up or degrade the processes in the body. Some say that these nutrients are the ones that are needed to sustain life, the “good” nutrients. Other say that these nutrients are the ones that are needed for growth and reproduction.

The good nutrients are used to synthesize DNA, proteins, and lipids that are used to create all the parts of the body that perform functions. The bad nutrients are used to destroy the body and the good nutrients are used to repair the body. So if you can balance the nutrients, you can be pretty healthy and live longer.

The good nutrients are sugars, fats, proteins, and vitamins. The bad nutrients are heavy metals, salt, water, sodium, phosphates, and sulfates. The good nutrients are found in all foods, and are the ones that are needed for the body. If you have a deficiency in any of these, you can have health issues.

One of my favorite things about this video is that there is a lot of talk about our health and how much we should consume in order to live a long and healthy life. It’s a good reminder though that our health is not determined by how much we eat. It has to do with our gut. The gut, like the brain, is a complex mix of neurons and digestive enzymes that are hard-wired into our bodies and create the foods we need.

This is a bit more complex but it’s equally important. Many people have health issues because they don’t consume enough of the right nutrients in their diet. I’ve already talked at length about the importance of vitamins and minerals in this video, but this is another reason to get more involved in the food you eat. There is no one right way to get enough minerals, vitamins, or healthy fats without going through the hassle and expense of getting a professional nutrient analysis.

I know you’re all busy and probably exhausted from the holiday, which means that you probably aren’t paying attention to this video, but its important that you understand the importance of each nutrient that you eat. It’s simple math: if you eat a certain amount of something every day, you’re not just getting enough of it, you’re getting the right amount.

The video above talks about the importance of the vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K, which are all essential to photosynthesis. If you do not have any of these nutrients (and if you are not pregnant you probably arent) then you are probably eating a lot of animal products that might interfere with photosynthesis. The best way to get the right amount of nutrients in your diet is to eat a balanced diet.

The important nutrients that are often lacking in the diets of many people, such as vitamin D and vitamin B6, are good for the health of your entire body. But unfortunately, many people do not get enough of them.


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