Apply now by filling up the application form available on their website. But ensure that the story has a spiritual angle. Payment for full-length stories is made when the story is accepted for publication.

We review and schedule pair writing sessions to work on the article together. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

Generally, writers generate their own topics. On occasion, the editor makes specific assignments based on goals for an issue. Articles may range from 750 to 1000 words and the payment depends upon publication.

You can submit your story by filling out their submission form. Teaching Tolerance provides several opportunities for writers to contribute freelance magazine feature stories, short articles, and curriculum materials. Readers of Teaching Tolerance are K-12 educators interested in social justice and anti-bias topics. If you are an expert at creating websites, driving traffic, social media, or making money online then IncomeDiary is looking for you. They are currently looking for an SEO expert to write an in-depth blog post about keyword research using tools such as Ahref or Semrush.

They are looking for writers with technical knowledge of topics such as, game servers, NoSQL databases, open change, and webRTC. Book Browse is seeking freelance writers who review adult fiction, non-fiction, and some young adult books. If you are an avid reader and writer, here is your chance to showcase your talent. It can be a great source of full-time income.

You can write about historical events, picnic spots, walking tours, and more of the Oregon region. You can earn as high as $650 for regional roundups. has a wide audience, and your article will be exposed to a larger number of electrical engineering students.

It’s best if you have your own site that you write at and have written for a while (3-6 months). We want to be able to see your past work and link back to you! If you’re interested, please fill out the form below. If you are fluent in English and would like to get exposure by writing for a leading website, fill out the form below. We would love to provide you with the opportunity to write for us. A lot of people took engineering for the love of math and machines.

You can earn anywhere between $200-$500/article. To submit your article idea you must fill-up the formavailable on their website. Fireside Fiction Company publishes short stories regardless of genres. They welcome unpublished work in English or Spanish from writers with different backgrounds from all over the world.

Most are introverts as well, diligently doing their project in workshops, plants, or computers. Unless you are in sales, academia, or managerial positions, you don’t meet a lot of people as much as a doctor or a lawyer. Metal fabrication refers to the manufacturing of sheet metal and other types of metal to fit different shapes. The metal fabrication industry is vital to a wide range of industries. That’s due to the reliance on metal fabrication for vehicle parts, train tracks, building equipment, electric …. In this post, I’ll walk you through How a Hobbyist Can Work on Electronic Projects in America.