Also, if any corrections are required in your article, we will notify you to make a note and try to improve over time. You must finish the write-up within the word limit as the lengthy articles are said to prevent readers from continuing reading till the end. We’ll share your article on our social media pages shortly after publication, and occasionally thereafter. The tech skills required to be a freelance writer are pretty basic, though an ability to learn new software is an advantage.

If your content is catchy and appealing to the audiences, they can share your write-ups with other audiences. Ultimately, this may increase the traffic rates of your write-up enormously. Writers must have personal experience of their chosen topic. Hi AHMED HASAN, thanks for reading the blog and take care. We are eagerly waiting to help you to grow with us if you can submit compelling articles. The write-up must contain bullet points to help the readers grab the information quickly.

Thus, kindly be attentive to get the crucial information about the ongoing opportunity. Construct a strong link with your audience through the content. There should not be any form of plagiarism; articles should be 100 percent free from plagiarism and piracy. In a different spectrum, ranging from medicinal aspects to health insurance and government grants. All of our courses are self-paced so you can do them at your own speed.

Have a look at some of their published articles for examples, and remember to pitch the right editor depending on the topic of your pitch. Better Humans is a publication on the website. But unlike most Medium publications, they sometimes pay a flat fee for articles. And yep, they offer the pay-for-performance option too.

Health Paid + “Write For Us” opportunity gives you a huge chance to work with us. So, please refer to the above pointers to check whether you suit the role. Therefore, we wish that you will avail this benefit to work in our leading and warm environment.

After properly preparing and formatting the informative article, you should send it to us. But, you should know that once you start working and submitting articles to us, you can’t use or share those contents with other websites. Thank you for your interest in writing for the Ability Toolbox! We offer both paid and unpaid opportunities for writers of varying experience levels. As a writer for, you can expect to be paid for your well written article. All we ask is that you follow the editorial guidelines listed below.

Whether you’ve worked in the health field or you have an incredible weight loss story, this may be the perfect niche for you. Even if you don’t have experience in the health niche, you can write for plenty of websites looking for high-quality content. This is one of the easiest niches to research because of the abundance of information available. We’ve aimed to identify which websites below pay writers by adding to their descriptions, though it’s important to do your own research as individual guidelines change constantly.

They also accept articles for the Backwords section at 750 words per essay. Most of the readers are family caregivers, eldercare professionals, and others interested in this area. All articles need to provide practical information and advice for the reader when it comes to caring for a loved one.

Berkeley Science Review is a non-profit publication by the University of California Berkeley. They publish articles on recent scientific research in Berkeley and globally. You can find more information on pitching here. The Doctor Weighs In is a health website for the public that publishes evidence-based articles on healthcare topics. If you are a health professional, you can contribute to the website through this page. The writer must write informative content to the readers through their guest’s posts which are helpful for the readers to develop their skill and enhance their knowledge.